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Competent, Caring, Affordable Legal Representation

July 24, 2018

Rachel C. Schmidt, LLC is a general law firm established in 2012.  After working in several law firms in the area, Metairie attorney, Rachel C. Schmidt, decided to start her own law firm in order to address all her client’s needs.

Rachel C. Schmidt comes from a long line of lawyers over several generations and vast geographical areas.  Her great, great, great grandfather, Gustavus Schmidt, was a lawyer in Sweden who came to New Orleans in 1829 and eventually founded the first Louisiana law school, which later became Tulane Law School.  He was interested in comparative law and published many books and papers including The Civil Law of Spain and Mexico.

Many members of Rachel C. Schmidt’s family also pursued a career in law and inspired her to go to law school as well.  After attending Archbishop Chapelle High School, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication and a minor in Psychology from Louisiana State University.  Immediately after finishing her undergrad education, Rachel attended Loyola University College of Law and graduated in 2010.

During her final year at Loyola University College of Law, she participated in the Family Law Clinic. There she practiced law under Supreme Court Rule XX under the supervision of a licensed attorney.

After receiving her law license, Rachel practiced at her father’s law firm, which handles almost exclusively personal injury.  While Rachel excelled in the personal injury arena, she wanted to broaden her legal skills in order to practice different areas of law in addition to personal injury.  However, the next firm she worked with was also almost exclusively personal injury as well.  At that firm, she handled family law cases, since she was the only person at that firm that regularly practiced family law. She soon recognized that many clients, whether personal injury or family law, needed representation in a wide variety of legal practice areas.

Her desire to help clients, no matter what area of law they required, informed her decision to work solely at her own law firm, Rachel C. Schmidt, LLC.  Since January of 2015, Rachel has worked as a solo practitioner exclusively practicing for Rachel C. Schmidt, LLC.

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